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CMC has developed excellent working relationships with many regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, USDA Rural Development, North Carolina Housing Finance Agency ("NCHFA"), North Carolina Quadel, public housing authorities, and other governmental agencies.  These relationships are fostered by our continued commitment to operating the properties in our portfolio in accordance with program regulations while at the same time meeting the needs of both its residents and owners.

CMC's audit record reflects exceptional compliance in its overall management operations as evidenced by having received consistent ratings of "Superior" by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The NCHFA appointed CMC as their only in-state contractor to conduct recertification waiver audits at tax credit properties on behalf of the agency.  In addition, CMC was selected as the "North Carolina Management Agent of the Year" at the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency’s Housing Forum.

CMC is able to balance the needs of the aforementioned parties by the adherence to strict policies and procedures implemented by a staff that is as experienced as any managing agent in the affordable housing field.  The staff of CMC possesses decades of experience as well as degrees and designations within the housing field and related areas.

This experience and knowledge allows CMC to not only alter its policies with the ever-changing programs, but to ensure that its site staffs are properly trained. CMC's commitment to program compliance is evidenced by its development of a Compliance and Training Department specifically for Section 42 properties. These staff members not only audit every tax credit file at each property, but train site staff as to corporate policies and program compliance issues. All staff are required to attend continuing education classes sponsored by either an agency or trade organization at least annually.  Periodically, CMC supplements training with company-sponsored seminars pertaining to fair housing, ADA, marketing and other property management related issues.

In addition, CMC has a wide range of experience in the area of affordable senior housing.  We enjoy excellent working relationships with numerous churches, not-for-profit agencies and service organizations and have assisted in the development and provide management services for apartment communities owned and/or sponsored by not-for-profit organizations.  Our experience in managing "family" housing provides expertise in rent collections, maintenance issues and resident relations.